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Up Date on 15th March 2011
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Ramgarhia Sudhar Sabha (Regd) New Delhi Jasbir Singh Kalsi WZ=83-A Shiv Nagar Gali No-5 09810183904 ramgarhiasudhar.sabha@gmail.com
Ramgarhia Gurudwara New Delhi S. Kewal Singh Ghalshi B-13 B-block Hari Nagar Clock Tower New Delhi.110058 09810836262 kewalsingh@gmail.com
Ramgarhia Board Delhi New Delhi S.Surjit Singh BE-161 Hari Nagar New Delhi-110064 0112530146 sujitsingh@gmil.com
Ramgarhia Sabha Jagadhri Haryana S.Fateh Singh Bhumra B-VI 1821 Vishnu Nagar Near Gurudwara Yammuna Nagar Jagadhri Workshop Haryana 0173225818 fatehsingh@gmail.com
HN Travels New Delhi Raghbir Singh # 611, V3S Indralok, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad 9818432981 raghbirsingh13@gmail.com
Abdur nuFHgQiXF Abdur It has been incorrectly meineontd that the 108th Amendment Bill has been passed by the Parliament. It has only been passed in Rajya Sabha and is still pending in the Lok Sabha. It is not a question of implementation therefore. Pls, correct the same. n6x1Ks7C1Eu 19un9cuz@mail.com
Olfa fxDJJghP7l9 Olfa I am for protection to all bribe gerivs in personal transactions which are not commercial. Even if the bribe gerivs are caught in the act of giving bribe they should be given protection. They are the best witness in any corruption case. Now if they are caught they would like to escape and hence would deny having given the bribe and invent a pretext for the money given and in the process the bribe taker escapes. Whereas if the bribe taker knows that the bribe giver would become a witness with full protection, he will hesitate to take bribes. More than any Lokpal bills, common man needs full protection for bribe gerivs as after all the common man gives bribe out of dire need and not out of greed. Secondly, any lokpal bill should also cover NGOs, having receipts exceeding a prescribed limit. http://foppfye.com [url=http://pvuksomz.com]pvuksomz[/url] [link=http://mipaxcrx.com]mipaxcrx[/link] jm8rLWfZ37T oyb3msn6nzy@hotmail.com
Gabriel rtEzfz0uq Gabriel The problem with the Lokpal draft is hanvig a secondary power center which basically is what is the case with most (if not all) failed democracies. Example: Pakistan.While the intention is all honourable, the problem with what Anna Hazare\'s team is proposing is that it tends to become a second power center, which led by a wrong person would lead to a chain of devastating effects, eg., Blackmailing politicians/influentials in getting things done. The idea is that the bill has to incorporate an organization/body that comes under the gamut of the constitution of India, and that the body be democratic in terms of people representatives being appointed, else it would be random puppets being appointed by influentials that the bill proposes to govern.This bill that most people without knowing about are protesting for, is a strong NO from me. pH0AWPz4UT 6u74zjph@mail.com
Syed ehGkNT0siuct Syed Lok pal bill is very good for the nation but is it ptcrciaal.Students are the backbone of this movement with some prodding by the managements and the ABVP, NO PROBLEMS THERE What are the students getting ..nothing.Can we include the admission process wherein a student applies with his marks card and fees to a centralized system with his choice of college, if eligible he should be selected.No management quota, no discretion, just merit.Role of management in selection process to be eliminated. Every thing should be transparent.All members and staff of the the future LOKPAL along with family members like father, mother,in laws, sons, daughters,brothers ,sisters and their in laws should be thoroughly probed before appointment.It is very important that the Lokpal should be above board in the true sense of the word. http://lomdeprg.com [url=http://varrwvhtxd.com]varrwvhtxd[/url] [link=http://ydutqhgqzh.com]ydutqhgqzh[/link] wxv50rRmsTD qj9nxlhh@gmail.com
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