Bhai lalloo ji Sat Guru Ram Singh Ji Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia Lord Vishwakarma
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Up Date on 15th March 2011
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Lord Vishwakarma

Lord VISHWAKARMA was the only architect who was imbued with all the qualities of Fine Art, which were necessary for the creation of Universe. It is a fact that is recognized by all that legendary Golden Lanka (Sri Lanka) was built by Lord VISHWAKARMA.
Lord VISHWAKARMA with multihand is accepted by every Indian as the creator of Universe. Lord VISHWAKARMA is described as the God of carpenters, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, masons and all those people who are skilled in the crafts. Lord VISHWAKARMA is as great as Lord BRAHMA, VISHNU, MAHESH because all our scriptures concerned with Hindu religion contains episodes of his glorious contributions
Everything in this world we see like big dams, the reservoirs, bridges, skyscrapers, airplanes and all sorts of mechanics around which our life revolves are the product of Hammer and Chisel, which represent. Lord VISHWAKARMA. Mankind cannot deny these facts as it would be a betrayal of our mythological history.
Let us therefore accept the truth laid down in our scriptures and
holy books and bow our head in reverence to
Lord VISHAVKARMA - The Creator of Universe

Lord Viswakarma is the Devine Architect of the whole universe. He is the personification of the creative power that welds heaven and earth together. He is the son of Brahma and is the official architect of all Gods palaces, flying chariots and their weapons.
Lord Viswakarma is the brain behind the invention of STAPATHYA VEDA or the science of Mechanics and architecture. He was the perfect blend of Black Smith, Carpenter, Bronze Smith, Sculpture, Gold Smith and above all a fashion designer.
Lord Viswakarma has build cities like the golden city of Lanka, Dwaraka, Indraprasta and designed weapons like the Discuss of Lord Vishnu, Trident of Lord Shiva, the lance of Karhikeya and also the famous weapons like Agneyasthra. According to the legends Viswakarma's daughter Sanjana was married to Surya, the Sun. As she was unable to endure the heat and the brightness of Sun, Viswakarma placed the Sun on his lathe and cut away the brightness by 18th. The fragments that fell on the earth were used in making the above weapons.
Viswakarma infused his diverse creative power in to his first generation offspring’s namely Manu, Maya, Thwasta, Shilpi and Viswagna to carry out the continuous process of creation. They specialized in different forms of craft; Manu in black smithy, Maya in carpentry, Thwasta in non-ferrous metal casting, Shilpi in sculpture and Viswagna in gold smithy. Satisfied with the performance, Viswakarma made a Sarvamedha Yaga (A universal sacrifice) in which he offered all creature and ultimately himself too. This is a divine cyclic process of destruction and renewal of all cosmic life and matter.
Viswakarma is the presiding deity of all craftsmen, who observe September 17th as the Viswakarma day and perform pooja.
The subsequent generations of offsprings followed the profession of their sires and thus five subcasts (Gothras) came in existance The deliberate attempt of ancistors to retain the technological excellence, wealth and assets with in the same gothra resulted in prohibiting inter-gothra marriage. This custom is still continued , even though none of the gothra do have the monopoly of any craft at present.
Viswakarma's settled in metros and other cities are few in numbers and find it very difficult to get alliance from the same gothras. Under the circumstances, it is imperative to encourage inter-gothra marriages. This will strengthen our community and create a sense of oneness among the different gothras of the Viswakarma Community.

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